About us

Koral Tree

Unique. Beautiful. Special. Just like you. Handcrafted and intricately detailed; our jewellery is designed to bring out the diva in you. So, go ahead take a look at our ethereal collection made of bright, bold colours, arresting carvings and gorgeous textures.

Why polymer clay jewelry?

Being versatile, the polymer clay lets us design pieces like never seen or imagined before! Millefiori technique is used to mould the clay and to produce unique decorative patterns resulting in an impressive range of beads and pendants that have been carefully and artistically created. What’s more! Polymer clay comes in plethora of peppy colours, so you can choose a colour for every outfit and every mood.

Polymer clay is very light weight, unbreakable and does not lose its color over time.

Collection ranges

Our collection extends to ornaments made from freshwater pearls, resplendent Swarovski crystals and semi-precious stones such as Garnet, Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli, Jasper, Quartz etc hand-picked from all over the world. We create interesting and artistic combinations of all these elements with polymer clay to create a stunning effect. 

Dazzle away with breathtaking designs!

Design inspiration

What sets our jewellery apart is our attention to details and an eye for the unconventional and extraordinary. Our designs are inspired by simple yet edgy geometric lines and shapes that render a daring elegance to our jewellery - perfect when you want to make a fashion statement. Our colours are inspired by the magical beauty of nature - the soothing green of trees, the passionate red of roses, the royal violet of violas, the hypnotising blue of seas or even the merry colours of rainbows. Anything that catches our eye is turned into a piece of masterpiece!

Each piece is exclusive and a trend-setter that speaks of you and portrays the princess in you.


KORAL TREE. Soulfully crafted. Just for you. 


Yours truly,

Suguna,Designer and Founder

Koral Tree